keep your kids to yourself

Let me be clear in the very beginning. The following is what I personally feel and stand for. I respect you for having a different view on this and I don't judge you for doing so. But I have an opinion. And I'm going to tell it to you. 

Remember the time when your parents ordered the prints from your last family trip to frame it and put it up a wall? Well, I do. And I remember it to be a wall in our house. Inside the four walls of our own. With social media plattforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, this radically changed. Those walls became public. Unfortunately. 

DSCF2700 - Arbeitskopie 2.jpg

I don't judge you for ever posting photos of your kids on FB, Twitter, Instagram but...

... did your kid ever have a chance to decide, whether she or he wants to be online and visible to the whole wide world? 
Probably not. 
Did you ever ask her or him? 
Probably not. 
And do you remember the phrase "The internet does not forget"? Well, that's one side of the coin. 

On the other side, to me, it's a question of intimacy and privacy. My kids are the most important thing to me. I guess you feel the same. So why not treating them like this? Why not respecting them the same way you respect your wife, your mother or your friends? Why not?

From my point of view, there’s an additional thing to mention. By posting your kids photos online, wherever this may be, it's never about your kids I guess. Most of the time it's the feeling of pride and joy. That desire to tell the whole world what a beautiful kid you have and how proud you are. And that’s ok. That’s even great. But is it necessary? Does the world need to know? I guess not. Does your baby boy or your cute girl depend on it?
Not really. 
I've seen too many profiles filled with pictures of children just to make sure everyone understands, that these are the most beautiful kids ever. 

In the end, it's all a matter of perspective I guess. But if you ask me, the most important perspective here, is the one of our children. We should protect them. We should learn them how the system works and what to do and what to avoid. And we should be the role model to them. And this is why I personally think, to hold off your kids pictures from the public sphere and keep your kids to yourself until they're ready to make that decision on their own.