high altitude


It is 6:50AM on 2140m above sea level. Destination; Spluegen. A small village and ski resort in the middle of Grisons in the eastern part of Switzerland. It's freezing cold up in the Swiss Alps. The air is crystal clear. Every step is perceptible from a mile away. The mood is really quiet. And since it has been a very cold night, the view is stunning this morning. 

The light is warm and sweet. I know, it's a strange way to talk about light. But it's the truth. It's reserved but very pleasant. And with the help of the white, snowy landscape, the sun seems warm and the place is quit bright for these early hours. 

During my first shot I already knew what the final results would look like. Most of the time, I develop an idea of the final version of a picture somewhere during the process. Not this time. 

I instantly knew, that the look of the photos needs to reflect the clear and frosty feelings I had during the shoot. But at the same time, they needed to look warm and welcoming. That's the reason why these photos look the way the do. 

I once read, that a quiet and cold place is something stunning. It may help you to get back on your way when you're lost. I haven't been lost but kinda understand the meaning. Maybe, you feel the same way. And maybe you remember this story later in your life. At a certain place...

All photos taken with the Sony A7 and the Sony Zeiss 16-35mm f4.0 OSS.