feeling the coast


It all turned out very differently. And like always, life had a plan for us. We actually wanted to visit Istanbul, but since these past days weren't Istanbul's best, we decided to cancel our trip and meet with a friend of ours at the  beautiful coast of Amalfi. We wanted the weekend to be safe and great. And so it was.

After a stunning trip on the boat where we went to see all the cozy villages of the coast, we returned and went for the first swim at the beach of Maiori, a small but vivid village. The mood was great since the sun was about to set and the water was really warm. Later on, we went for a walk to the next town called Minori where we had a great Italian dinner with lots of pasta and meat.

On the next day we went for a drive to Amalfi. Besides really high temperatures, the alleys were packed and the streets jammed. But the town itself was still worth the trip. 

We also visited Ravello above the coast. The little village is famous for it's open air concerts. The view was incredible and with the help of a cool breeze, we found ourselves in a very peaceful place where we've been able to calm down and relax. An additional great memory in our minds was born. Thank you Amalfi Coast...

All images taken with the Sony A7II and the Sony Zeiss 35mm f2.8.