my winter wonderland

four-thousander is a mountain summit that is at least 4,000 meters above sea level. That's 13'000 feet and more. Because the highest peaks in Europe fall into this category, the summits of four-thousanders are popular in Europe with climbers and mountaineers as climbing goals. 48 (there are 82 in Europe) of those four-thousanders are located in Switzerland - my Winter Wonderland. 

You may think as one of Switzerland's own, I'm up there all the time. You're forgiven for being wrong. Time is the issue, I guess. But when I'm there, I always enjoy the beauty of the place. The fresh and cold air, the smell of pure nature or the sound of the squashed snow after every step taken. It's simply gorgeous. It makes you feel alive. And it frees your mind.

Weather conditions change rapidly. Sometimes, you get up in the early morning, to get that shot of the sun crossing the edge of the mountain chain. And then you realise, that this clear sky is already gone and you won't see anything but fog and clouds. Other times, you pack your camera by habit, to soon be happy you did so, cause you witness a scenery so special and stunning, you would hate yourself for leaving your gear back home.

All images taken with the Sony A7RII and the Sony Zeiss 16-35mm and the Batis 85mm.