WHAT I THINK: To frame life in its sweetest ways is what keeps me going. The passion for a great moment and to catch it forever is what gives me satisfaction. There are a lot of things I like to do, but to tell stories with the help of a camera is what I love to do. Everyone should be privileged to do what he loves…
WHAT I DO: I’m stunned by the beauty of this planet and always on the hunt for a wonderful place to capture. Also am a big portrait fan. I love to get an expressional face in front of my camera.
WHAT I USE: I'm not attached to any camera brand. I change my gear according to my needs and taste and mainly work with primes. My favorite focal lenths are 35mm and 50mm and 135mm. With these, I pretty much shoot everything. Less options means more creativity required. I like that fact. It's how I work.

Also worth visiting: www.anjascholz-fotografie.com



"I'm a privileged soul with a heart full of photographs, a traveller with a bag full of memories and a father with a home full of luck..."

Ivo Scholz